Sex positiviTEA with YSAFE

Announcing our new podcast!

The logo of the YSAFE podcast. The colour scheme is yellow and purple. A purple stylized cup of tea is making steam in the shape of a heart. Underneath is the podcast title: sex positiviTEA with YSAFE.

Covid may have stopped us from meeting in person, but it hasn’t stopped us finding new ways to connect! A team of YSAFErs has been hard at work over the past few months, writing and recording the pilot series of our first ever podcast and we are very happy to share our first episode with you today.

Through sex positiviTEA with YSAFE, we’re exploring different aspects of sexuality through the central idea of sex positivity. We have talked to a whole load of interesting people to ask what sex positivity means to different groups in different situations, and how it can help make us better educators and more fulfilled individuals.

For now, please enjoy our first episode, exploring what the idea of sex positivity means to young transgender people!

If you’re trans or non binary, is the idea of sex positivity helpful, or pressurizing? Can you still enjoy your sexuality if you’re having issues with dysphoria? How can educators support young trans and nonbinary people to feel good about their sexuality? Laura and Thea-Caroline are joined by Adrian from YSAFE’s member from Norway, SNU, and trans rights activist Christine, for this special extended episode to open our new podcast series.

We’ve got episodes coming soon in Russian as well as English, on topics as wide-ranging as experimenting with sex toys, definining your sexuality for yourself after growing up in a conservative environment, and the history of sex in mainstream films.

So make sure to subscribe on your preferred platform for future episodes and stay tuned!