New guidance on online CSE

YSAFE launches a new tool to improve digital sexuality education

A composite image showing some graphic elements designed to look like a notebook (page lines, speech bubbles, scribbles) and a photo of three young people, one holding a phone, one with headphones around their neck, all looking at the notebook which the foreground young person is writing in.

Today YSAFE publishes a brand new resource on making the most of your online digital CSE reach! YSAFE members, other young volunteers and youth coordinator staff from seven IPPF member associations as well as the End FGM EU network and Dr Karen Rayne of UN|HUSHED have been working together for the past two years to collect everything that we learned through the COVID-19 pandemic so far about moving online, quickly.

A person with blue hair and a pink dotty shirt holds their finger to their lips, pondering, while a lightbulb shines beside them

We’ve combined this new knowledge that we gained ad-hoc while scrambling to get online fast, with existing resources, tools, and the most up-to-date guidance on safety and success in doing anything educational online.

The new guidance that we have written as a result is available in a PDF format or a navigable online platform attached to the YSAFE website.

It’s usable by both individual educators, local or national groups of educators, or any organization supporting sexuality educators.

The advice covers all aspects of deciding what to move online, which topics to cover, where online and on what platform to be using, and how to translate your existing materials, tools and workshop plans for online use.

We would love to know how you get on with using it – try it out and let us know!