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Questions to Ask Yourself

As you are preparing yourself or your organization to dive deep (or deeper, if you’ve already started this process!) into online sexuality education, here are five actionable questions to do to get you started:

  • Where does your target audience spend their time online?
    -> Hint: You’ll want to focus your attention on the same platform!
  • Who is your target audience?
    -> Hint: This might be the same group of people who you’ve been working with. However, given the shifting dynamic of crisis situations, there might be a smaller subset or an entirely different group that you feel you can best meet the needs of at this time.
  • Who on your team knows, understands, and maybe even loves this platform themselves?
    -> Hint: They’ll be the best person to help you make your time on this platform as effective as it can be!
  • Who needs extra support to ensure the new delivery platform?
    -> Hints: Teachers who will actually be in the classrooms with participants if you must use the Wizard of Oz Method or otherwise reach people through schools. Families may need support, especially in understanding synchronous interventions that will reach into their homes and other spaces.
  • What hardware/skills/etc do you need to be creative on this platform?
    -> Hint: Don’t forget about visual appeal!
  • When is your target audience most likely to be able to engage with your new platform?
    -> Hint: Ask them!
  • How should your team ask for additional support when they need it?
    -> Hint: Share this information with them!