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Questions to Ask Yourself

As you consider how you will continue to teach CSE during a crisis situation, here are five questions to get you started:

  • Where online does your audience spend most of their time?
    -> Hint: Ask them!
  • Who in your organization can be the point person for modifying your in-person content to online spaces?
    -> Hint: People who love being online themselves, who are very familiar with your existing programs, and who is excited about pedagogy are the best people to invite to do this work.
  • What modalities connect most naturally to your content?
    -> Hint: Consider your most successful in-person interventions and create and test digital interventions for them when there is not a crisis to prepare to lean more heavily on those modalities when a crisis does occur.
  • When is the best time to prepare your organization’s crisis teaching modalities?
    -> Hint: Before a crisis happens.
  • How can you integrate youth perspective into your online teaching modalities?
    -> Hint: Invite youth volunteers to offer their opinions and tell you where they and their peers want to spend time online.