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Questions to Ask Yourself

As you are considering how to assess and evaluate your programmatic shifts in response to a crisis, here are five questions to get you started:

  • Where can you be creative in your evaluation process?
    -> Hint: Everywhere! Creativity in evaluation will allow you to have measures in place that could be continued even during a crisis.
  • Who has the most expertise in evaluation in your organization and how can you support them?
    -> Hint: Expand their knowledge through M&E training prior to a crisis situation.
  • What are your most important content areas in a crisis situation and how can you focus your evaluation on those?
    -> Hint: Consider the content from the What to Teach section of these Guidelines and focus on those.
  • When can you begin a rigorous evaluation process prior to a crisis so that you have benchmark data prior to attempting to evaluate the effectiveness of your crisis response?
    -> Hint: Start now!
  • How can you ensure participant safety during an evaluation process?
    -> Hint: Anonymity is critical, particularly when provided alongside access to legal, physical, and mental health support for those in need of such services.